Daily Domino Puzzle

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  • Daily Domino Puzzle


    Daily Domino Puzzle is a free to play HTML 5 game that can be played on both your mobile and desktop devices. In the game, you are expected to solve complex Domino puzzles with different variations in each game. This makes each game both challenging and yet fun at the same time. Daily Domino Puzzle also adds one new game every day. This means it is virtually impossible for you to ever fully beat the game. However, if you are one who loves to solve complex puzzles or you are just a fan of Dominos then Daily Domino Puzzle is a great game for you to play both on the go or when you are just sitting back at home!To succeed in the game, you will need to pay close attention to the domino's that you are creating and you have to avoid making duplicates or else you won't be able to win.

  • Instructions:

    Daily Domino Puzzle requires a mouse or a touchscreen device. You will need to connect different numbers together creating a domino and the objective is to fill the entire board with different pairs of Dominos.  Remember if you create a duplicate domino (for instance, if you have 2 different dominos that are 4/4) you will need to create a new one or else it will not count, this makes the puzzle both challenging and a lot of fun.

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