Games For Your Site

Our game feed allows you to quickly and easily add games to your website that are complete with a unique description from us, with instructions, proper tagging, and categories in addition to screenshots and a unique video for each game! We are truly the one stop shop for all arcade webmasters looking for high-quality games for their site.


This chapter describes all available fields in our XML Game List

Field Description
id Unique ID for this game
name The name of this game
gameurl Post permalink of this game
gamecode The game urlĀ either file or embed code.
category The category of the game
date The date this game was originally uploaded to the arcade.
description A detailed description of the game
instructions Short instructions for the game
width Width (in pixels) of the game
height Height (in pixels) of the game
tags Game tags
thumbnail Thumbnail URL of the game
screenshot_1 Screenshot 1 URL of the game. FALSE if no screenshot available
screenshot_2 Screenshot 2 URL of the game. FALSE if no screenshot available
screenshot_3 Screenshot 3 URL of the game. FALSE if no screenshot available
screenshot_4 Screenshot 4 URL of the game. FALSE if no screenshot available
video Url of the Video


Games for your Site XML

How to setup our feed with MyArcadePlugin :


Go to MyArcade >> Settings >> Game Feeds >>MyArcadeFeed and then copy this URL into the MyArcadeFeed section and hit the save button.



Q: I have another script that doesn’t have the same options as MyArcadePlugin can you support this script?

A: Yes and no, I will not personally go out of my way to add additional support for another script, that being said if you want you may contact your script developer and ask them to add support to their solution.

Q: I have a script that I developed can I add your feed to my plugin?

A; Yes we have no problem and encourage direct integration that being said, please add support for our video section as well as the screenshots to improve the user experience. In addition, the videos can help us cover server costs through YouTube advertising.

Q: I am a game developer can you add my game to the feed?

A: Of course you can go to our submit page and we will gladly add your game to the feed that being said the approval process will dependĀ on how much work it takes to collect the necessary information your game to create a video and screenshots.

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